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The MINI-AGG is an economic, agriculture time based irrigation controller. 

It is designed as a small entry level controller – Having several dedicated agriculture irrigation features (Such as three step fertilization and filter backflush) making it capable, but keeping it simple for people using automation for the first time.

The MINI-AGG has AC and DC versions:

  • AC version – Can be powered directly from mains, using the internal 220V / 110V to 24V AC transformer.
  • DC version - Can be powered by :
    • 4 X “D” type batteries
    • From mains with a 12V DC power supply
    • From a small solar panel and rechargeable battery

It is modular – 2/4/6/8/10 outputs.
The outputs can operate a 12V DC latch solenoids or 24V AC solenoids, depending if it is a DC or AC version.

In order to suit many applications - the setup is flexible:

  • Main valve – Yes / No
  • Fertilizer injector – 0 / 1 / 2
  • Fertilizer booster – Yes /No
  • Filters – 0 to 4
  • Irrigation valves – 0 to 10

Programing is done easily using the big customized LCD screen and 4 keys.
The MINI-AGG has 3 irrigation programs to accommodate different irrigation protocols.
Additionally it has an optional full filter backflush program.

Additional technologies:

  • Radio RTU:
    • AC & DC versions can use radio RTUs via the UNILINER 
  • Single cable 2W RTU:
    • AC & DC versions can use single cable 2W RTUs via the UNILINER

The MINI-AGG has three dedicated inputs:

  • Rain sensor – Automatic irrigation shutdown in case of rain.
  • DP sensor –Filter backflush according to DP value.
  • Start contact – Starting program C by sensor.
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