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Accessibility Statement

Our vision

  1. To develop the most efficient and advanced automation solutions:
    1. Develop actual and useful solutions not bells and whistles.
    2. Stay flexible and adopt new technologies.
    3. Always keep an open ear to the field, listen to the people.
  2. The only marketing that matters is done through technical support:
    1. Big team of trained and committed help desk & field service professionals, giving support at multiple languages and 24/7
    2. There no salesman in Talgil… Our clients are our best salesman.
    3. Training, seminars, webinars, manuals, simulators – No excuses!
  3. Our products should be reliable, high quality and keep working for many years:
    1. Our quality assurance is not statistical – We check every electronic card, every output and every input.
    2. We give lifetime repair warranty – If we can fix it, it’s free! Doesn’t matter how many years ago the product was purchased.
  4. Keep good relations with everybody:
    1. Inside the company we are like a family.
    2. Our clients and distributors – Big or small we treat them all with respect.
    3. Even with our competitors  :)
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