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The G5 RADIO RTU system is wireless RTU system, which allows compatible controllers to control & monitor devices located far away from the controller, without having any cable on the field.

The G5 RADIO RTU system was launched in 2018, it is based on all the accumulated experience in TALGIL of thousands of wireless systems installed and supported during about 20 years.

It has several major advantages over previous generations:

  • Self-healing network – If an RTU loses communication to the master antenna, it will find an alternative route automatically.
  • Automatic frequency selection – In case the frequency used by the system becomes too noisy due to interferences, the system will switch automatically to a different frequency.
  • Communication retries – In case interference occurred exactly at a time an RTU was trying to communicate, the system will retry to send the message up to 3 times more.

The system is built from three main parts:

  • Interface RF + Master antenna – Communicates with the controller / UNILINER unit on side and with the G5 RTUs on the other side.
  • RF RTU – The RF RTU (Remote terminal unit) is basically a small simple controller that performs whatever the INT RF tells it to.

Each RF RTU is capable of:

  • Controlling:
    • Pumps
    • Valves
    • Fertilizer injectors
    • Filters
  • Monitoring:
    • Water meters
    • Fertilizer meters
    • Water floats (Reservoirs and tanks)
    • Pressure sensor
    • Differential pressure sensor
    • Analog sensor – Temperature, humidity, tensiometers, radiation, CO2, water level and ect..

The maximum range between the controller and the furthest RTU is 2.5 km (with line of sight). The G5 is capable of 10 levels of repetition, which means a single RF INT can control & monitor elements in a 25km radius!

Each INT RF is capable of communicating with up to 600 RF RTUs. The communication with all the RTUs is done every couple of seconds (Depending on the number of RTUs)

Energy options:

  • 4 X “D” type alkaline batteries – Modular RTUs
  • 4 X “C” type alkaline batteries – ECO RTUs
  • 5W solar panel + 12V 3.3aH rechargeable battery
  • 5W solar panel + 12V 1.3aH rechargeable battery (For units with analog inputs)

The RF system uses the ISM bands (433 / 868 Mhz) and a 10mW transmission power and therefore it is a LICENSE FREE SYSTEM. The outputs can control 12V DC latch solenoids.

There are several RTU RF models:

  • RTU RF ECO – An economic non modular solution, to be used where devices in the field are far away one from another and future expansion in not likely.
    • 1 Output / 1 Input / 2 analog input (4-20mA / 0-5V)
    • 2 Outputs / 2 Inputs / 2 analog input (4-20mA / 0-5V)
  • RTU RF MODULAR – A modular solution, to be used where devices are grouped together or a future expansion is possible.
    • 2/4/6/8 outputs
    • 0/4/8 digital input
    • 0/2/4 analog inputs (4-20mA/ 0-5V, SDI–12)

Programing is done easily by using the mini rotary switches (Besides an RTU with analog inputs, which requires a connection to a PC / Laptop)


RTU RF G5 1_20180507102204.747.png

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