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The UNILINER is a generic adaptor, allowing any controller to use Talgil’s RTU system (2W or RF), and thus to control & monitor devices located far away from the controller.

The UNILINER can work with any controller:

  • Any brand
  • AC / DC powered
  • 12V DC latch / 24V AC outputs

The principal is very simple – Instead of connection the controller’s outputs to the solenoids in the field, the user connects them to the Output terminals in the UNILINER. Afterwards the user needs to define which output/s in the field should open when the controller’s output is open.

The system is built from three main parts:

  • The UNILINER – Receives / Sends information from / to any controller and send them to the interface 2W or RF
  • Interface RF + Master / INT 2W– Communicates with the UNILINER unit on side and with the RTUs on the other side.
  • 2W / RF RTU – The RTU (Remote terminal unit) is basically a small simple controller that performs whatever the INT tells it to.

Each RF RTU is capable of:

  • Controlling:
    • Pumps
    • Valves
    • Fertilizer injectors
    • Filters
  • Monitoring:
    • Water meters
    • Fertilizer meters
    • Water floats (Reservoirs and tanks)
    • Pressure sensor
    • Differential pressure sensor

The maximum range between the UNILINER and the furthest RTU is:

RTU RF - 2.5 km (with line of sight). The G3,G4,G4.5 are capable of 1 levels of repetition, which means a 5km radius
RTU 2W - 10 km
Each INT is capable of communicating with up to 60 RTUs.
For energy options & RTU models see the RF / 2W RTU pages.

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